First Time at a Regatta: 3 of 8

06:37 am | Saturday, 25 April 2015

Things to pack for the Sailor: 
1.     Life jacket
2.     All sailing equipment that is not already being transported or brought by your coach – team – academy.  Typically, beginner sailors are encouraged to get their own sail ties (they have an amazing tendency of getting ‘’lost’’).  As you begin to frequent more regattas, the sailors will like to often carry their own tool kit, spars, sails, mast locks, shock chords, or any other equipment of their choice.  Consider labeling them and boxing them for future use.
3.     Set of sailing gear – rash vests, shorts, boots, gloves, (if they use them), goggles (if they use them), jacket (for cooler weather).  Washing soap to wash as most sailors tend to have 2 to 3 pairs maximum and at a regatta they often go through more than 4 to 5 uses.  A good sturdy backpack or duffel bag to take to the sailing venue from the venue. 
4.     Non-sailing clothes and shoes – nightwear – will vary according to the venue – destination – remember though to pack light and consider washing.  Stick to quick dry clothing.  One formal pair for the Award Ceremony.  Slippers and flip-flops. 
5.     Medical and first aid kit of the child:  IMPORTANT.  By the time a child heads to his first regatta, she has become fairly accustomed to putting up with the long hours of training.  They’ve also had their first set of ailments which vary from child.  These include (and this is most certainly not an exhaustive list, and neither is it meant to scare away the child or parent – but it is the reason many Parents sign up their children to their first sailing lesson – to ease them into the beautiful world of nature – and to learn to respect their environment): 
-       Dehydration related issues – headaches, nausea, stomach bugs.  Drink plenty of fluids
-       Allergies – sun, dust
-       Cuts – bruises
-       Stomach bugs – loose motions 
-       All sailing venues and regattas have a generic first aid kit and an ambulance on call, however, it is a good idea to pack your own for your child. 
6.     Entertainment – books – homework – though we discourage sailors from carrying any electronics to the events. 
7.     All documents / cheques / money to comply with the registration requirements.  Photographs, birth certificate, passport, the club card and sign off wherever necessary. 
8.     Empty tiffin boxes, water bottles, sandwich / ziplock bags – dry bag – to pack and transport food to the location. 

This is by no means a comprehensive list, it is a good starting point for all Optimoms and Optidads – Optiguardians and Optigrandparents to use as a reference guide to get started to pack successfully for their Child’s first regatta.