First Time at a Regatta: 4 of 8

06:38 am | Sunday, 26 April 2015

Getting to the location – transportation while there: 

Great, now that you’re all packed and ready to head to your sailing destination, school and office leave been taken wherever necessary, you are on your way!  Depending on where the location of the regatta is – and how far it is from your home base, you will either end up driving there, taking a train or flying.  Needless to say, everyone has their personal preferences, pooling together in a van, sharing the cost of petrol are some common ways of getting there.  If the dates are known well in advance (our regattas have a notorious tendency of being announced only a month or two in advance) – then one can look at train and plane tickets as well. 

In an ideal world, once you reach the sailing destination: 
-       The place one is staying at should be within walking distance for the regatta participants.  Indeed there are plenty of places like this in India. 
-       Second best option is tie up with one of the local parents – who may be willing to give you a ride if you are staying in the vicinity
-       Many times, the organizers of the regatta organize a common bus or a van for the participants to reach from the main location, either the hotel or hostel where the majority of the sailors may be staying.
-       Tie up with a local rickshaw – taxi – rental car.
-       If a number of parents are agreeing to share a common transportation – then it will make a lot of sense to do so and offer to split the fare. 
-       Uber it! 

Remember that your child will be carrying their sailing equipment, their food for the day, so you really need to ensure that your transportation back and forth is taken care off.