First Time at a Regatta: 5 of 8

06:43 am | Monday, 27 April 2015

Showing up and registering

The NOR will typically list the time of the registration and when the measurements for the boats will need to be completed.  Ideally, if you have come in a day or two before the event, then you would have already taken the boat on charter.  From the time that you take the boat over (charter forms – damage deposit – it will vary from club to club), the maintenance, care, upkeep is for your child.  This also includes the trolley.  Do remember that you are now in a public area – sporting event with varying levels of competition.  Thus for a first timer, this may seem overwhelming, but it will be a good idea to check in with your coaches, help, senior sailors to determine what to take home – hostel and what to keep on the boat overnight. 

Get a good understanding of the lay of the racing location – this will include: 
-       Race Committee – office – where the jury will be present – registrations will take place and where the organizers will be setting up their base
-       Location of where they will be serving lunch – meals – evening snacks
-       Restrooms – washrooms for sailors – visitors alike 
-       Main area from all sailors will launch and come back and where their boats will lie overnight. 
-       Sail rack – where the sails will be kept overnight – (this will be different from the boat area often times).

Needless to say – most sailing venues are public places, so you must exercise caution and be aware about the environment and keep all your belongings safely.  If your ward is travelling to the location with another parent or coach, then please ensure that they report – are under the care and guidance of that particular parent / coach while at the venue.