First Time at a Regatta: 6 of 8

06:43 am | Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Sailing Instructions and Bulletin Board and the first day of racing. 

In addition to the Notice of Race and any addendums which may have been added earlier, the organizing committee will circulate / hand out a specific sailing instruction to the sailors.  This will have details on the course of the event, start times of each race, the time allocated for end of the racing.  Make sure the sailor familiarizes himself with the Sailing Instructions.  Any addendums to this will be added to the bulletin board, which everyone must check regularly. 

The regatta will typically get kicked off with the start of an ‘’Opening Ceremony’’.  Depending on the Organizers, this could be a small affair, a grand one – and will generally focus on the safety, rules and an introduction to the sponsors if any.  Very often, a ‘’practice race’’ may also be scheduled right before or after.  Typically, this practice race will function as a medium for sailors to familiarize themselves with the terrain, water, and get a sense of where they stack up. 

Upon departure from the venue for the day, the sailing instructions will carry information regarding the next day, or it may be reflected on the bulletin board. 

If a race or a couple of races are indeed held on the first day, then the sequencing – ranking of all sailors will also be put up at the venue towards the evening.  The results sheet is something everyone gets excited about, and sailors can look forward to receiving those to plan their strategy for the next day of racing.