Sailing Location: H20 Water Sports Complex, Chowpatty

10:25 am | Tuesday, 05 May 2015

Welcome to Mumbai's Queen Necklace!! 

The H20 Water Sports Complex has traditionally been one of the most favoured sailing and water sports area in the city from time immemorial

The area at various points of time has been referred to as ''Sunil Shetty's restaurant'' - ''Movie shoots'' ''picnic area'' and similar names from time to time.

An international sailing event which attracted the top 200 sailors from all over the world was held at this gorgeous location in 2007 and 2008.  The entire event entailed some fabulous sailing, racing and evening entertainment.

2014 saw a revival of the entire area and with the arrival of the 30 fabulous new boats in the area, we have been delighted to have more than 500+ sailors come and sail.

They have included beginners, intermediate and advanced sailors. A lovely new restaurant - Cafe by the Beach is open on the premises, the washroom facilities there are available for use by the sailors.  The beach is a public place, so absolutely no doubt that one needs to be careful with personal belongings.

Look out for the stray dogs, broken glass on the beach!