Sailing has made a convert of me

10:43 am | Monday, 15 June 2015

For years sailing for me was a rich show-off’s sport. In fact I didn’t think it was a sport at all. Just something to help you flaunt your wealth. So truth be told I came in only on my friend’s insistence, just humouring her, one trial class and then you know timings don’t suit, or any of the hazaar possible not-convenient excuses were waiting for my lips to part.

But, things seldom go as planned, and against my advice my son loved it. So ok finish this session but no way are we coming back. So like a good mother that I am, I sat on the beach trying very hard to make it look like I was trying to follow his boat, while really only just enjoying me-time, and chatting with said friend.

And as is always the case, realisation dawned...a little late. What is the one most irritating thing that this generation puts us poor moms through? SCREEN TIME. And here was my, lets just say, overtly fond of screen offspring spending 4 hours away from it, and actually wanting to come back.

I now know there are many many reasons to continue sailing, but those require another blog space, this one is for sea time (as opposed to screen-time get it?). This is what we want them to do, be with nature, with themselves (ok not so much themselves as away from us) and most importantly enjoy it.If they can enjoy it, believe me the learning will just be a happy by product. Ahoy till next time.

Sheetal Jhaveri Mehta.Freelance writer.Worked with Mid-day as a features writer, and researcher with the Wall Street Journal Mumbai Bureau