Let them slip, fall and get drenched

07:00 am | Monday, 29 June 2015

Lets continue talking about over protective parents. This basically covers ...most of us (actually all but am being nice). We protect them from everything. Cuts, sand, gluten, lactose and the irate sports coach...sorry sir but he had a very late night so couldn’t come for class understand na sir? Of course he doesn’t. 
But we march on, its our birthing right to come in between any harm (read experience that could actually make them learn something) and our precious, mostly single child. So we do, ruining any chance for them to be able to make it in any world. Even animals with (presumably) less intelligence than your average Mumbai parent, teach and then leave them to fend and learn and most importantly survive.  We teach, and then never leave till one day they will.

This I found was so becoming in Sailing. The parent has no choice but to let the child learn, falter, fall and then get up to learn again. All without the extra caring (read over bearing) arms of the parent. And they learn and how. Even if it means getting an injury, they want to come back for more. To the sail, sea the coach and the blissful absence of the over enthusiastic parent.

Sheetal Mehta