Don't help them find their way

10:00 am | Monday, 06 July 2015

My only wish after my son was born was, not for one more (to put it politely I have only so much courage), it was for a road map that I could equip him with. As he grows up I feel the need for this even more. How am I supposed to help guide him through the turbulent years he still has to face if A he does not want my guidance and B I have no clue. Its a new and rapidly changing world that we areup against. So how do you teach your child the manoeuvrings of this new world when you barely recognise it?  

The answer is simple. You don’t. You just equip him with the means and somehow they will, well sail through. Sailing is an amazing tool for just that. When a young sailor steers his way through the unpredictability of the sea, he learns how to deal with the so called unknown. Face it, deal with it and either fall and get up again or conquer it. Either ways its a win win situation.  As an army man told me, that sailing helps you learn to go through every high and low in life.  

He won’t know it, but every time he goes out on the water and comes back to the shore, he has learned a few more manoeuvres to help him sail through life,

Sheetal Mehta