Let them see the change that they can be

07:00 am | Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Lets take a step back from looking at reasons how sailing is good for our kids to how our kids can be good for sailing or rather the sea. While some of the parents are hard bent on trying to raise the nextgeneration Steve Jobs or better still the next Beethoven, some of us are trying hard just to get them to be nice humans. And believe me its tough to make a single child look around and register that there are actually others besides him that exist. And one of the most urgent and important thing I see that my son should be able to see is the environment.

Of course they think they are invincible and immortal, but sadly you know better and if each child is not made aware of how important it is for him to be able to make a difference..then that’s it, we have just signed off on the only planet we have. But how do you make him see that. How does a childsee that everything around him is deteriorating? Of course there are the stories that we bombard them with...we never fell ill this often, we never were lactose intolerant (we just hated milk and being intolerant would have saved hundreds of hours spent fighting with mom). But these will never make them see it.

Amazingly sailing did. Our children get firsthand experience of handling and respecting nature. To realise natures superiority and not fight with it but to work with it. And at sea they see firsthand man’s ability to abuse nature. Every bottle on the water every plastic bag they see makes them even keener on not being one who would add to it. And each child converted thus is one more green citizen added to the hope of a future, not a better brighter one but of having any chance of having one.

Sheetal Jhaveri Mehta is a freelance writer. Previously, she has worked with the Mid-day as a features writer, and was a researcher with the Wall Street Journal. at Mumbai Bureau. She writes on subjects of nutrition, vegan and vegetarian diet, as well as naturopathy.