Sailing helps you stop and smell the sunset

09:38 am | Saturday, 18 July 2015

Like any other sport sailing requires the sailor to be fit. Negotiating the sail boat through even semi rough seas requires muscle power and stamina, which it also helps build, remember Popeye?  My son swears he got muscles on his arms in just two sessions (though this was solely visible to him).  You need a strong body to guide the dingy and a sharp mind to make split second decisions, but that holds true for all sports. What sets sailing apart is the opportunity to see the beauty all around when is calm waters.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not running down other sports, but seriously when did your child look up from the ball during the football match to enjoy the well manicured lawns? Or a chess game to enjoy the brilliant architecture of the rundown school classroom its being held in?  But its different in sailing, while it requires great amounts of focus and stamina to see a boat through a regatta, it is the most calming of sports during calm seas.

As my son put it, the sun set never looks as awesome as it does from the sailboat.