To Adapt

08:58 am | Monday, 27 July 2015

Admit it, the one thing we looked forward to in school is growing up and being free (precise translation...away from parents). And the one thing we are most paranoid about is ...exactly that, ourchild getting away from us. With more parental involvement in a child’s life than ever before, we havemanaged to finally drown them in over protection masked as care.

I know you know this is true, but if one needs evidence, just go to any sports class, or worst to a sports completion, the parent will be giving louder instructions than the coach (regardless that said parent definitely has never played said sport). We thrive on being asked how do I face this mom, which seals our failure in helping them grow.

Sailing, does away with this. The child is on his own in his own dingy, though the coach and rescue boat is on hand. But he makes the decisions.  He learns to decide, execute and above all be adaptable. Just what one needs to take life head on.

- Sheetal Mehta