All work and no play

22:50 pm | Tuesday, 11 August 2015

There have been umpteen articles, studies, research papers and parents’ bickering on the excessive exposure our kids have got as compared to us. They know about stuff that we are still trying to pronounce. And again there is no doubt that we have a generation of potentially far smarter kids than us.Notice I say potentially, because the environment they grow up in is far more intellectually stimulated then us.

But, and this is the real bummer, as time goes out goes their inherent curiosity and creativity and is replaced by competence and competition. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against ahealthy competitive environment. It is an important aspect t make the child world ready. But I’m against it at the cost of their inbuilt thirst for knowledge and experimentation (though the latter can have some rather scary results).

Another thing that gets the death sentence (almost) is the physical growth. Eons have been written about how the child needs to go out and exercise, and how in our days (that makes me feel older than all the grey on the head) we spent more times outdoors. As my son says, that’s only because you never had cool stuff like the internet or the PS4. He is right and that’s why now with these cool things even we adults are more indoors than out.

So get out, parents, only then will your child know what fun it is. Go cycling with them instead of just talking about its advantages. If they see you having more fun outdoors rather than being bent over a screen then they might look up and see the sunshine.