Don't Let Seasickness Rock Your Boat

09:07 am | Tuesday, 25 August 2015

“The only surefire way to cure seasickness is to sit under a tree”, was someone’s advice to newbie sailors. And since there are no trees on boats or at sea, we must find other ways to keep that nausea or the hint of it at bay. Medication, of course, is an option but comes with side effects like drowsiness and dehydration and dependence. Some tried and tested tricks are better in the long run in order develop the constitution and mindset for sailing.

●     It’s a good idea to avoid rich, fatty food, milk and dairy foods the night before and morning of the sailing, just to ensure that the stomach is light and not loaded with undigested food.

●     Taking small sips of cola is an effective solution to queasiness. The sugar in the cola helps raise falling blood sugar experienced during seasickness. 

●     Sucking on dry ginger or candied ginger is recommended by many seasoned sailors. Some even vouch for ginger ale.

●     Dr.Oman,NASA's expert on motion sickness suggests sitting on the windward side of the boat and looking out so as to get the widest view of the horizon in a way that would help anticipate waves and rolls, and to adjust the position of the head to above the hips throughout the motion of the boat. This practice done over a period of time helps grow ‘sea legs’ on those of us who are more challenged than others in this department. 

●     Sea Bands  - acupressure wrist bands that put pressure on the relevant points, minimise the dizziness and queasy feeling. 

●     It helps to know that most people get past their discomfort as they sail more and more. Focussing on on-board tasks distracts from dwelling on the discomfort.