Pray with them

21:23 pm | Tuesday, 01 September 2015

We talk eons about our children’s physical wellbeing, their mental growth even their emotional upkeep. We are continuously told how all these in tandem will give us the satisfaction of having raised a happy and successful child. But I beg to differ.

Sure these are all important facets in our children’s upbringing, but this is not all. What about their spiritual growth. Please put your arms down, I’m not about to talk about religion or God, that is too personal to discuss here. I’m talking about his spirituality. That part of him that helps him be calm. We all agree that life has never been tougher for children as it is today, so what about helping him cope with it.

It could be as easy as sitting with him each night and just saying thanks (to whoever or even just putting that thank you out there in the universe) for everything that he has got. Starting from just being blessed with all the five senses and the four limbs that help him be a child. A thanks for a family, for two square meals, a roof. And thereby praying for the ones who do not have these.

Each night that he says thank you will be one more night that he sleeps contented and in peace.