Love is in the air

12:21 pm | Friday, 11 September 2015

Teen years comes with the gigantic realisation that one is a particular gender and the opposite one is not all that bad as one thought just last year. So the girls get less irritating and more, how does one put it, frankly appealing. And the parent the quintessential Hindi film pyaar ka dushman.

Really!! How many of us can honestly say we did not get caught up in the hormonal roller coaster that was the teens? That boy in the senior class, or that girl down the lane. So why is it that shocking when our kid gets all dopey eyed. It was a passing phase for us and it’s a passing phase for them too. And like a lot that happened when we were kids wouldn’t if our parents stayed out of it, so it’s true even today.

Our children are less likely to get into a mess if they know that they can come to us and share without we morphing into their moral police. Male kids have it easier, and though I have a son, but having some of the best nieces in the world, I can speak from a girl’s mother’s point of view. Girls by default are more mature, and that also makes them more rebellious, so listen, and talk about what you went through, your crushes and then see them pour their hearts out. If they hear your stories then they will feel less stressed about what they are going through.  Believe me no matter how they behave; you will always be the moral yardstick they measure themselves against.