Be the hug

12:18 pm | Monday, 14 September 2015

Too many people are talking about the lack of talking in the family. Parents are not talking to each other and the kids have forgotten to talk with their mouths now that they have discovered their thumbs. So one hears again and again that be the friend, and your child will not be the next kid who suffers from any of the staggering number of mental and emotional issues faced by today’s teens.

But I think no, they have friends, or atleast should have. They need parents, a strong dependable and most importantly non judgemental voice that will give the guidance as and when required. Someone you can joke with but who knows a bit more than your child’s class mate, who might just end up googling the solution of the life crisis he is facing.

I was blessed with a mother like that. I remember when all of 12 I had forged her sign on the umpteen remarks in the school diary. The guilt got to me and I confessed through huge tears, those because I was so scared what punishment awaited me. But she smiled wiped my tears, erased the forgery and signed each and every one of them before giving me a tight hug. I was shocked, but that was the last time I ever lied to her.  So easily, no screaming no shouting and no moral and ethical talk... just a hug.

If we could be that hug, then our kids need never feel cold and alone ever.