How to help your Child Sail through his / her first day at Learn to Sail Class

07:00 am | Friday, 01 January 2016

The team at Sirius, we have 6 kids amongst us, ranging in age from 7 years to 22 years.  They've all gone out with us to sea at some point of time.  Sometimes with us - or sometimes under the expert guidance of the coaches. 

We have a syndrome amongst us which we fondly call the ''The Punjabi Mother Syndrome''.  Depending on which part of the country or world you are from - replace ''Punjabi'' with ''Bengali'' or ''Gujrati'' or relevant ethnic background and then proceed to read the below!

1. Your child is going to be sailing an Optimist Boat.  Make sure you spend some time independently reading and researching this boat. . If you don't have time to read through the page - know this ''The Optimist was designed in 1947 by American Clark Mills at the request of the Clearwater Florida Optimist service club following a proposal by Major Clifford McKay to offer low-cost sailing for young people.''

2. Let your child know that children in more than 120 countries worldwide, since 1947 have been learning to sail the Optimist - a boat that can be sailed only till one is 15 years old. 

3. If you can, prior to deciding to sign up for the class, watch youtube videos, visit our facebook page and show your child some pictures of the boat. 

4. Help keep the big picture in mind for your child. Let them know that by learning to sail, they are getting introduced to a much larger sphere of recreational boating which in their lifetime can evolve to motor boats, jet skis, parasailing, fishing, cruising, kayaking or water skiing. Going through their first 10 lessons of sailing is merely a small step in a direction that will guarantee them a lifetime of being outdoors, leading healthy lives in nature!