You've signed up for your Learn to Sail Class. How do you get the most out of your first lesson?

07:00 am | Saturday, 02 January 2016

You're 26 years, give and take a few years in between. It's been three to four years since you started working - perhaps on your second job by now.  You call Mumbai your professional home.  You've been to most of the cool nightclubs, travelled to Khandala during the monsoons, been on offsites to Goa and Thailand.  Taken a speed boat, friend's boat, catamaran, club boat or definitely heard of someone sailing or yachting or speedboating off Gateway of India. 

Does this sound familiar?  Then read on!

When we started Sirius Sports, we identified an opportunity, a need and a requirement for all Mumbaikars to connect with the sea.  We realized that like us, Mumbaikars wanted to have a deeper relationship with the sea, with the ocean, with the city we call home.  While we continued to flirt with the occasional seaspray on Marine Drive or share a roasted corn with a friend on Versova Beach, and yearn for that home with a sea view, we wondered why this could not be more permanent.  

Learning to sail gracefully on a gorgeous sailboat is the answer to the above.  And by signing up for your first Learn to Sail Class, you've taken that big step.

We are fortunate that today there are a number of sailing coaches, sailboats and styles that are available for you to choose from.  Now that you've signed up for your first Learn to Sail Class, how do you get the most out of your class?  And whether you've signed up with Sirius or any other sailing coaching provider, the rules of the sea are applicable to all!  So read on!

1. Remember that Mumbai at Gateway of India is a 100+ year old jetty gifted to us from pre-colonial times.  Everyone who attends a class or gets on a private boat must do so by alighting and departing from the same jetty.  Alight and depart with care!

2. Wear comfortable, preferably flat firm grip shoes, carry your belongings in a backpack and have plenty of water on hand! 

3. Once you are on your boat, exchanged niceties with your instructor and fellow students, start to follow their instructions closely. 

4. Remember to keep an open mind to getting coached and follow instructions exactly as how they tell you.

5. Do not attempt to write anything down during the class!  If the words that the instructor is using seem alien to you, consider going over a sailing dictionary of sorts.  While there is a wealth of information on the web, we thought captured it quite well.

6. Be alert, be patient, go back immediately and look up many of the terms. Watch some youtube videos - if you're sailing with us - you're likely on one of these boats -

7. Finally, when you're done with the lesson, remember you were there to have fun, learn an important skill and make a commitment to be regular with ''time on water'' for at least 10 lessons, or one month or ideally the entire sailing season.  No short cuts!