Happy Hours are Here Again! On a Tuesday!

07:00 am | Tuesday, 02 February 2016

It's the start of a new month! If you're at an Indian company - its the last few weeks of getting in as much business as possible or if you're following the calendar year - February can well be a make or break month before the Big March comes up!

And thus, to lighten the work load, it doesn't come as a surprise when a chance visit to some of the popular watering holes in neighbouring Colaba - we're greeted with packed tables on a Tuesday evening! Yup - happy hours are fashionable and the in thing for a Tuesday! Why wait till the weekend when the fun can start right now?!

The weather is gorgeous, there's love in the air (yup V Day soon approaching!), lets shift the happy hours to the outdoors?!  How about a sunset sail with folks from work to strategise and get some real blue sky thinking?

Grab a picnic basket, a bottle of bubbly, some plastic glasses, cheese platter, kebab rolls and bite size chocolates and off you go for what can only be described as the coolest way to let your hair down in the city! That's right - Sunset Sail at Gateway of India!

The best part of going out sailing on a Tuesday evening?  Chances of getting a stunning boat are much higher - all that at a competitive price given that most people think that sailing is only for the weekends!

Happy Hours on Tuesdays on a Sailboat are here to stay!