The Bragging Rights of a Corporate Sailor

22:23 pm | Saturday, 27 August 2016

A lack of meaning at work is a repetitive thought among today’s corporate employees. Most people who have done a stint at a corporate job, however brief it might have been, will be able to relate when I say that sooner or later, it becomes a monotonous exercise akin to that of a hamster on its wheel. 
But, the reality is that a job like that puts bread on the table and gives us that sense of security we all crave. 
However, until you get out of the rat race, you can still lead an enriching life by developing new hobbies or opening your mind to new experiences. It will at least put an end to the vapid stories you exchange with your colleagues.

Sailing is one such hobby you can try especially if you live on a coast or near a lake, river or backwater. Exclaiming how mesmerizing the sea looks from your office window can never compare to the feeling of actual being on it. You would not even have to go out of your way to tell your weekend stories because your sun-kissed skin and the glow on your face will arouse your colleagues’ curiosity and jealousy in equal measure.
Sailing allows you the opportunity to have unique holidays, experience new places, and take exciting journeys. India is such a blessed country when it comes to beautiful places to visit. You needn’t feel disheartened the next time your boss or colleague brags about his “Eurotrip” because, most times, the hidden treasures life has to offer will be right under your nose (like the blue inviting waters you gaze at longingly through your window). 

The old cliché of needing to be muscular like Popeye to be part of a crew or sail is a thing of the past. Sailing has no age barrier. You can sail all your life at all levels, fast or slow, cruising or racing. 
Carl Rogers once wrote that, “The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.” Sailing is a wonderful activity to do solo, with your family and even your colleagues whose idea of a great weekend can become something better than mall-hopping. 

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Yamini Harish is a thrillseeker and a travel junkie who loves all animals, especially dogs.