Is Your Father a Fisherman ?

01:59 am | Tuesday, 27 September 2016

One of my earliest memories from school dates back to when I was in Grade 1 or Grade 2.  Must have been all of 5 or 6 years old, and as is common amongst kids that age - as we began our process of self discovery, the question that rolled around was ''What does your Father Do'' ''What does your Mother Do''?

So our motley crew of parents at #AryaVidyaMandir #1990 included an Architect, Doctor, a Banker, a Diamond Merchant, Business Man, Professor, Engineer.....and when it came to my turn, for some reason everyone decided that my Father and that of another friend (we were the only two in the class) were Fishermen.

Nothing wrong with being a Fisherman of course but when we ran these past our parents, they vehemently denied the same and insisted that there was indeed a difference between officers and engineers who manned large #MerchantNavy ships vis a vis the men who managed Fishing Vessels.

That's about when I began my relationship with the sea.  I used to think about the type of people who worked at sea.  So picture a 7 year old, standing up in class and explaining the difference between a Merchant Ship - one which carries cars and grain and oil across the mighty oceans, where each voyage takes more than a couple of days. 

And there were pleasure, fun boats - stuff that we saw in the movies only!  Did those boats exist in Mumbai?  Turns out they did!  And we as a family went out to Gateway and spent many afternoons on the wooden hulls owned by the RBYC!  So I would come back to class armed with these stories, and all my friends would listen eagerly! 

I slowly became the go to person in all of primary school to explain the fascinating voyages of seafarers and pirates.  Thus, without realizing it at the time, the beginnings of Sirius had started to take shape at.....and so began the journey of Sirius in March 2015 more than 35+ years later!

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