First Time at a Regatta: 2 of 8

06:35 am | Friday, 24 April 2015

General rules that apply to all Regattas: - Notice of Race, Accommodation and Food
These are competitions in the true sense.  Up to the point that your child has been learning and training, this may not hold true, but when you show up for a Regatta or a Competition, the organisers have put in a lot of effort to ensure that all the races are conducted smoothly without any hitches. 

Preceding the competition is a ‘’Notice of Race’’ – this document is put out several weeks prior to the competition and carries all the details of the competition, including where to report and time.  It is a good idea to go through this document in detail and revert to the organizers for any queries. 

Also things that need to be tied up before arrival at the Regatta include where the sailors will be staying, food arrangements when not sailing and most importantly – how your boat, equipment and coaches will reach the sailing location.  If you’re part of a large team, many times, the academy or coaches will want the sailors to be at the location a few days prior for practice.  This varies according to the nature of the competition. 

Accommodation options will often be listed on the ‘’NOR’’, and they should ideally be your first point of contact to determine where you would like to stay.  Remember that budgets vary considerably.  What is important to consider (a) proximity to sailing – launching venue.  The closer you are the much better it is for the sailors.  (b) availability of good quality breakfast and dinner at the location  - vicinity.  It will help to have a convenient laundry facility as well as an open area around for sailors to relax in the evenings.  Remember that sailors will spend a large amount of time sailing, so they are mostly interested in coming back to a clean and comfortable bed.  Don’t fall for the ‘’5 star’’ hotel jig for the ‘’otpimist sailor’’.  Homestays, friends, doubling up at inexpensive hotels, sharing an apartment, clubs are the most economical options by far everywhere. 

Food:  A healthy and hot breakfast is important for all sailors to have prior to setting off for their day, so make sure as an Optiparent you organize this well.  Once they leave for the sailing venue, they should have enough food and drink to supplement in addition to the meals that may be served by the organizers.  Remember to ensure that your child drinks plenty of fluids prior to leaving for the day.