Learn to Sail

Who says sailing is only for kids? If you're curious about sailing, if you wish to sail a boat on your own, or if you just want to be a useful crew on someone else’s boat - then a sailing course is what you need to get started.We conduct training for adults on our fleet of boats of 22 feet or more in length. Feel the openness and peace at being one with the elements on a yacht with sails unfurled away from the humdrum of our daily lives while you learn sailing and basic navigation using charts and compasses from our experienced instructors.

The training team at Sirius is headed up, implemented and overseen by Mahesh Ramchandran, who retired as a Commander from the Indian Navy after more than two decades of active service. Right from the start of his career in the early 1990s, Mahesh established himself as a formidable sailor, athlete and went on to participate in and win state, national and international level championships at more than 200 events. His global ranking as per the ISAF (International Sailing Federation) was 24 during the peak of his professional career; making him the 3rd highest ranked sailor that India has ever produced till date. He is recipient of the Arjuna Award in the sport and has won 2 Asian Games medals for the country.

So, come aboard a luxurious 22ft / 26ft sailing yacht, complete with cabin, galley and music system and learn all the basics of sailing under the expert guidance of our nationally qualified skippers. These courses will give you an excellent overview on the basics of rigging, points of sail, learning to do a basic tack and gybe, and sailing from point to point. On completion of the Basic Course, participants will be eligible for Yachting Association of India (YAI) Certification, and can apply for the Advanced Course to learn the finer points of sailing and the tactics and techniques of racing. Thereafter, you will be skilled enough to be a part of the weekly races conducted in Mumbai.

Basic Course

This is an introductory course spanning 6 sessions of 2 hours each, which culminates in a race. Participants will be familiarized with some fundamental sailing terminology, safety, rules of the road’ and other basic seamanship but quickly progress to onboard sailing instruction. The on board sessions will be conducted on JJ and Sirius, our 21 and 26 foot keel sailboats. Participants will be taught fundamental sailing skills including tacking, gybing, sailing on all points of sail, simulated man overboard recovery and more. Students will alternate between crewing and helming to gain experience in all tasks.

The basic course aims to broadly cover all of the following:

  • Sailing
  • Chart (map) reading
  • Principles for good seamanship
  • How to use and operate the motor
  • Anchoring, particularly on sway
  • Mooring trick's and useful knots
  • Setting sails in an optimal way: trimming sails
  • Reducing sail-area in gusts and gales - Reefing a sail
  • Manouvering; how to enter a harbour and approach a pier
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes and possible accidents

Advance Course

This is a course meant for Participants who have successfully completed an introduction to sailing via our Basic Course. This course covers the finer aspects of sailing including tactics and more complex manoeuvres, most commonly used in racing, and not in leisurely cruises. Participants will be taking part in the weekly races held on Saturdays from 2-5PM in Mumbai so as to gain practical knowledge while actually racing.

Schedule and Rate Card

  • Course
  • Basic Course

    First 3 weekends of the month.

    Saturday and Sunday, 2-4PM
    a race on the following Saturday
    from 2-5PM

    Rs. 11,000 + tax

    (Rs. 1,000 extra for YAI

  • Basic Course

    First 3 Mondays and Tuesdays of
    the month.

    Monday and Tuesday, 4-6PM
    a race on the following Saturday
    from 2-5PM

    Rs.9,000 + tax

    (Rs 1,000 extra for YAI

  • Advanced Course

    (Only on completion of
    Basic Course)

    Every Saturday from 2-5PM while
    participating in an actual harbour race
    under the supervision of internationally
    acclaimed instructors.

    3,000 per session or
    Rs. 7,500 per month + taxes